For girls on eternal vacation! She is Sunday was created and designed by fashion designer Karolina Miko.
Sunday girl is a traveler and a lover of carefree Sundays, seeking relaxation and balance in life. The idea of starting the brand could not have emerged anywhere else but on vacation. She is Sunday is inspired by the Californian sun, the fascinating coastlines of Italy, and the atmosphere of the French Riviera that we all long for. Many fashion references are drawn from the vintage styling of the 70s stars.
The brand focuses on the wardrobe element known as the dress. The materials are carefully selected with the body in mind.
The facial colors are reminiscent of the flavors of summer ice cream, while the cuts are tailored to the needs of modern travelers.
In 2021, Karolina, driven by her own wedding, also decided to create a collection of simple dresses for brides and wedding guests. It's time to bid farewell to wedding stereotypes and aesthetics, and finally start thinking about having a good time.